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🧳 The world is at your feet: A guide to choosing the best travel shoe

by Lisa Oberst 09 Jul 2024

I wholeheartedly believe all women should be free to take on any adventure they choose, and the shoes on our feet can make or break any experience.

I am definitely an adventurer at heart. I spent two years nomading across Latin America before settling in Miami. I say I've ‘settled’ in Miami, but that doesn’t mean I've stopped adventuring. I'm always active and out exploring the world around me. 

The idea of being a nomad is thriving in the unknown, always looking for adventures and new discoveries. Part of why I built Womads is because our shoes should never make us wonder if we can walk that extra mile or dance for that extra song; shoes should be effortless to wear and support every possible movement.

As a traveler, I look for shoes that will support my trip and any unknown adventure I may stumble upon. I don’t want to think about my shoes unless someone is complimenting them (which happens a lot with Womads!)! 

Regardless of what kind of traveler you are, let me help you find your perfect comfy travel shoe.

What to consider when buying travel shoes for women 

Your travel shoe checklist

There are so many different ways to travel, so here are a few things I look for to have the best possible experience: 

  1. The material: Whether you need a great pair of running shoes, the perfect sandal, or a sexy heel, the material should be soft, good quality, and comfortable to wear.
  2. Convenience: Whether you’re a heavy or light packer, your shoes don’t need to take up lots of space. Whether you have a relaxed itinerary or a jam-packed one, putting on your shoes should not slow you down. They should be light, easy to pack, and easy to slip on.
  3. The fit: Always choose shoes that fit perfectly and hug all the right spots. Look for a fit that offers flexibility and adjustability so you can move however you’d like.

Best travel shoes for a relaxed vacay 

Getting away from the speed of life and slowing down at a resort in Mexico or a yoga retreat in Bali can be the perfect reset we all need. 

And there is nothing worse than being on what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation with blisters on your feet and needing to ditch your shoes to put your feet up. 

I won’t let that happen! Here are a few relaxing vacation shoe options.


The laid-back sandal

Birkenstocks are an excellent option for a relaxed vacay. You can easily slip them on and off, but that lack of a back strap may cause your toes to start supporting you. 

The style works for a vacation where you aren’t walking much, so keep them at home if you’re sightseeing or venturing the streets of Portugal. 

The cork-style bottom provides a bohemian vibe that complements the resort life. I love a free-spirited lifestyle, and I'm all for bright colors and simple touches. The braided straps speak volumes to me!

Black material topped with cork style bottom and three blue braided straps in center with gold hardware.

Womads’ leather sandals ;)

Best slip-on shoe for women

Womads leather sandals score a 3 out of 3 on what to look for in a travel shoe. For a relaxed vacation—whether you're sitting poolside or finding your zen in a yoga retreat—there should be nothing expected of you other than to relax. 

The lightly padded rubber soles and authentic Colombian leather provide an effortless and comfortable fit, keeping you and your feet happy. The slip-on shoe is easy to slip off when running in the water and to slip back on to grab another margarita. 

And let’s not forget the bright, high-quality color palette and affordability; you can pick up a couple of bright pairs to add to your vacation looks. Vacations are fun, so have fun with your outfits and shoes.

A Womads customer sits poolside with neon Womads holding cucumber water, smiling in a green button-up shirt.

The heel option

Your sexy dinner date

Light brown block heel open-toe sandal with ankle strap and gold hardware

If you have room in your suitcase and want an extra pair of shoes for dinner nights, I highly recommend The Stella-Block Heel

The chunky heel provides support while also adding a feminine touch. These heels are made with high-quality, breathable leather for a comfortable fit, along with a soft inner lining for added comfort. The thick, adjustable straps ensure a great fit, making them the best walking sandals for your nighttime fun.

Best travel shoes for women who are adventurous 

It’s time for your trip! Maybe your itinerary is ready, hotels are booked, and dinner reservations are made. Or you’re like me, more of a go-with-the-flow kind of traveler. Despite being with the wind, I always pre-plan my shoes, and you should too, especially if you know you’ll be on your feet a lot. 

Adventurous sightseeing trips are rewarding and refreshing, but they require lots of walking and standing. Here are your options for the best shoes for standing and walking all day.

Sneakers (obviously)

Long tourist days shoe

Sneakers are an obvious choice for hiking and sightseeing enthusiasts. A good-quality pair of sneakers supports your feet and knees, which is important when you’re hiking up mountains or adventuring through different countries. 

When looking for the perfect sneaker, a padded insole will go a long way in keeping your feet and knees comfortable and supported so you can see everything without discomfort along the way.

Side profile of cream and white running shoe with the letter V in blue on the side. The model is wearing denim with a long black coat.

The VEJA shoes are lightweight, breathable, and sustainable. Suede is water-repellent, so you’re ready for any kind of weather, making these sneakers a very convenient pair to pack with you. Similar to Womads, these beauties have a rubber sole from the Amazon, giving you a grip on any surface.


Your fashionable BFF

Close-up of soft gold booties with brown laces paired with medium-tone blue denim.

Vacation pictures are happening, and you want your outfit to be in tip-top shape—I get it. A bootie is a great way to add a fashionable touch to any outfit. Opting for a chunky short heel will help provide support for your feet.

My go-to is the Burton Derby Booties from Julia Bo. The Burton Derby is an all-time favorite of mine, I had a pair of these and wore them to death all over!! This beautiful bootie offers a soft gold twist making it stand out in a subtle way. Bonus, buying from Julia Bo you actually fund the cost of one day of school for a young girl in need. 

Whether you’re heading to Europe for the Eras tour or exploring the streets of Portugal, a classic bootie is a perfect travel buddy.

Your Flats Option

The take anywhere sandal 2.0

If you’re looking for the best travel shoe to wander around Europe, you need to check out the Avocet by Bared Footwear. This silhouette made my top dress shoe list (which you should check out if you have an event coming up!). 

This pair features an adjustable strap for the perfect comfortable fit and a B.plantfoam footbed to keep your feet cushioned while you’re traveling. 

Similar to Womads, you can take this shoe from the airport, sightseeing, or for a nice dinner.

This is a black leather flat with a caramel brown bottom. The strap has silver hardware. The shoe is on a white background.

Womads’ leather sandals

The take anywhere sandal 1.0

Womads Leather Sandals scored a perfect score on my criteria checklist, so it only makes sense they are a stellar option for your adventures. 

The elastic design, padded insole, and lightweight silhouette make them easy to walk long distances. The heel counter keeps your foot in place, while the flexible leather allows them to slide in and out of your bag without taking up much space—perfect for the over-packer!

Womads customer in the middle of row houses in Europe wearing a long white t-shirt dress.

Slip on your new travel shoes and see the world 

Traveling can be an incredible experience, so don’t let the wrong pair of shoes slow you down. These options are great for effortless wear and will support you for every part of your trip! 

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