Womads Peep Toe Flats are practical, top quality, fairly priced, beautiful shoes that you can wear for all your adventures!

These stylish sandals are made of Colombian natural rubber and quality leather, designed by me in Miami, and produced in Medellin by expert shoemakers.

These flats are extremely light and flexible. They are perfect for travel and for everyday life. The elastic structure holds your foot securely, the soft leather molds to the shape of your foot, and the design is stylish and versatile.

The soles are sustainably made from natural rubber obtained from trees in an eco-friendly process. The rubber manufacturer we partner with works with local farmers to help reforest a part of Southern Colombia while simultaneously giving new life to land previously used for growing illicit drugs.


All women should be free to thrive through adventures and discoveries.

Womads is here to support women who want to be active and bold while looking and feeling their best.

These soft leather sandals will accompany you on your fulfilling life journeys. No need to compromise either on style or comfort.

The Womads peep toe flats are so light and versatile they are the best travel sandals. They are perfect as all day walking sandals for women who want to be on the move. They are ideal dressy flat sandals to elevate an outfit, and they are great everyday shoes.

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