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💄 Rethink Elegance: Comfortable and Stylish Women's Dress Shoes for the Summer of 2024

by Lisa Oberst 12 Jun 2024

Event season is here, and I couldn’t help but notice the buzz around the best comfortable dress shoes for 2024. 

We’ve all been there before… It’s rough when you choose the wrong footwear for a full-day event where you’re standing, walking, or dancing a lot. Instead of enjoying your time, you think about how you can’t wait to get home to kick off your heels and soak your feet in hot water.

For about two years, I was “nomading” in Latin America, walking everywhere. Comfortable footwear was a must, but I also wanted cute and stylish shoes… It can be so difficult to find both.

When I returned to the United States, I decided to develop a shoe that supports all adventures while being high-quality and cost-friendly. That is how Womads came to be. I created this brand and launched it out of my living room with the support of my family and friends. 

I love the style of shoe that I brought to life, but as a shoe-lover myself, I know how important it is to have an arsenal of styles in your closet. 😉

So as we enter the busiest event season with wedding invites, travel plans (travel shoes recommendations here), and outdoor dinner parties, I put together a list of the best comfortable dress shoes to inspire your event outfits.

Womads’ community picks

Since the Womads Community is full of fellow shoe lovers 🫶, I figured we could start this list by highlighting some of their favorite comfortable and (some) casual dress shoes.

The chunky heel

Look how stylish Lisbet is in her Womads, she loves easily looking put together. Lisbet is a medical professional and she is on her feet all day. She prefers to wear a pair of shoes that she can easily transition to after work activities.

“I’m an Internal Medicine doctor and I work as a Hospitalist. Sadly they have a closed toes policy to avoid anything falling on our feet including bodily fluids🤣, so I don’t get to wear them to work. I keep them in my car when I’m out because they’re so easy to just switch to🥰🥰 I just got a gold color so I can now switch btw the red and gold!" 

A woman wearing a blue jumpsuit and red shoes, standing confidently with a smile on her face.

Lisbet is not only a Womads fan; she also enjoys a good pair of heels, specifically a comfortable and practical heel. Her shoe recommendation is a short chunky heel:

"I recently got the Stella Go-To Block Heel Sandal Bone. I like the shorter heels for the comfort 😀”

A tan leather block heel sandal.

I absolutely love the Stella Block Heel Sandal. I had two similar pairs in black and light tan that I wore to death. I couldn't resist and bought a pair of these in black when Lisbet told me about them.

My friend Bre is a dentist in DC and she's always up for fun adventures. She loves a higher heel, so her recommendation was the Sam Edelman Yancy Ankle Strap Sandal. Don’t worry; I asked her how on earth can she walk in these—I know we’re all thinking it!

“Hahahaha, somehow the block heel makes it comfy!” she shared. 

The ankle strap keeps your foot and shoe in place making them a great pair for dancing. So if you love to dance while being comfortable, definitely look into these beauties!

Stylish black suede sandal with high heel.

Ana gravitates towards the combination of comfort, minimal and sexy, so her recommendation is these chunky heels from Arezzo.

Gold block heel sandal.

Unfortunately we couldn't find the exact color but Arezzo has these other variations.

A short chunky heel offers comfort, while the shimmer, simple detailing, and, of course, the lift give it a sexy feel that is easy to slip on. I also really like how the rounded heel connects to the shoe with a lip, a little bit like a column. 

This is a great date night dress shoe that would pair well with a satin or silk slip dress. You can even pair these stylish shoes with a maxi dress and shorter top. They will peek through as you walk, which is a subtle way to show them off.

Paola has struggled to find a go-to dress shoe but has recently found herself gravitating to an open-toe sandal or a short chunky heel: 

A woman in a white dress and sandals standing outdoors.

"Usually, I like open-toe shoes because I live in Miami. But the shoes that I wear that are most comfortable and still look good have a 1-inch heel. They're sandals that my sister got for me in Italy. They go with everything; that's what I love about them. I can dress them up or down. They look feminine and cute.”

We do not have an exact link to these Italian shoes, but if you’re looking for a similar open-toe sandal with light padding for support and a durable and soft back strap to hold your feet in place, you’ll love Womads. I'll have to admit that I am not a huge fan of thong type shoes, I find they quickly hurt digging between my toes and give me calluses.

A person in gold Womads sandals skateboarding on a sunny day.

The perfect bootie

Meet Sarah—I grew up with Sarah in Belgium and she is one of my closest friends. We are very similar in that we both like to go out dancing at hip hop and salsa clubs! We are also huge outdoors people. So when I developed Womads I knew she would immediately fall in love. She needs shoes that are effortless to wear to keep up with her active lifestyle and her easily irritated feet. 

A woman sitting on the sand, stretching her arms out wide, enjoying the serene beach view.

 Everyone needs a little bootie in their lives, and Sarah recommends a statement bootie.

“Booties are a great closed-toe option that I can easily dress up for a night out or dress down for walking around London.”

Since we are talking booties and a statement, I want to put you on something (and just hear me out). Did you know green leopard print can be versatile? A dark green pattern pairs very well with neutrals and bright colors. I think it's because of its earthy tone, it compliments a lot of different colors and styles

Chelsea boot made from leopard print, adding a touch of wildness to your style.

I absolutely love my booties from Sneaky Steve

The one-and-a-half-inch heel makes it easy to walk in without tiring out the foot, and it looks original and fun.

I love booties, and I think everyone should own a pair. Many of the ladies in this list recommended them as their go-to dress shoes.

My friend Amy typically needs warm weather shoes because she lives in Lisbon so she often gravitates towards Womads, and we love that. When she isn’t wearing her Womads she opts for a bootie for a closed toe option!

"Soooo, I actually love to wear sandals or Womads if it’s summer. Otherwise, I'll wear boots," she shared.

Woman's feet on wooden railing, wearing black Womads leather sandals, overlooking mountains.

The classics

I love oxfords; they have an androgynous cool vibe that you don’t get from heels or flats. Depending on your style, we have a bunch of awesome options for you.

My girl Claire is recommending these beautiful Oxford shoes.

A person wearing black pants and a black Oxfords.

“They’re classy, comfy, a bit dandy, and have a personality.” 

We have a couple of links for you, since we don’t have a link to her exact pair. (She bought them in a boutique in Belgium!) 

The Office of Angel Scott has a beautiful and somewhat similar pair called, Mr.Ava Derby.

Elegant shoes made of black and tan leather.

This oxford can be a stunning business shoe that pairs beautifully with a pantsuit or a midi skirt. 

However, these oxfords are definitely pricey, but I did find a more affordable option that is also versatile and can be dressed up or down. The Eton by Embassy London has a similar silhouette and is much more affordable!

A black and white oxford shoe with studded detailing.

One of my friends, Tina, also recommended a loafer-style shoe. 

“I love them because they’re dressy but still comfy. I find it difficult to find shoes to wear to the office or to conferences. I don’t want to wear heels when I’m walking a conference floor for a full 8+ hours, so these are the perfect shoes for that. Plus, they look super cute in a sweater dress and tights!”

Stylish black loafer featuring gold hardware accents, adding a luxurious touch.


An accent loafer is a beautiful and simple way to dress up a casual look while making you look put together. I found this beautiful pair from a really cool brand called Thursday Boots. Pair it with a long trench coat and gold accessories to tie in the hardware, and you’ll feel classy and confident. 

Tina also wore a pair of Womads (clearly she has good taste) to a beautiful outdoor wedding, and they looked like the perfect addition to a simple satin dress.

Woman in green skirt and denim jacket standing on wooden deck.

Naturalizer heels

My girl Jessica loves to dance, so for the ultimate dancing shoe, we will bring it over to her: “I don't have a universal dress shoe. I have tango shoes for dancing. Maybe my comfy Naturalizer black heels. My favorite black Taharis heels are no longer manufactured. They were great for clubbing, salsa, and everything. When I get heels, I don't like them too high. Aside from hurting, it's very bad for your knees.”

Stylish black leather sandal with straps and a heel, a versatile choice for your wardrobe.Photo:

The Naturalizer heel made my list too, so they are definitely worth checking out, especially if you love to tango! 

The simple detailing of the leather would look great with a flowy patterned dress that you can dance in. Paired with your favorite accessories, you’ll be dancing the night away no matter how many people are on the dance floor (you’ll be feeling great.)

Womads leather sandals

Womads are a great option if you want something to dance in all night without a worry of them slipping off or causing blisters. My mom is Womads’ number one fan, and moms know best, right?

A woman wearing a blue dress and hat stands on a dock.

“The back holds my foot in place everywhere I go. Walking, shopping, standing it is all a breeze.” 

A woman in silver sandals standing on a stone ground.

My mom is super stylish and loves color. She loves to pair her Womads with a flowy summer dress or with bright trousers. 

A woman standing on a street, looking confident and poised, wearing a red shirt, patterned pants, and light blue womads leather sandals.

She is not afraid of color and often pairs contrasting colors together, and she rocks it! 

A woman in a dress posing beside a vibrant yellow Mustang car.

Lisa’s picks

When you find heels you love that are also comfortable, it's hard not to rave about them. Even though I designed a non-heel sandal, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the sexy touch of heels. Here are my favorite comfortable dress shoes: 

Galaxy dress sandals

My recommendation for a fancier heel is the Naturalizer Galaxy dress sandal. It is the perfect shoe for weddings and formal events, and the simple crossover adds a nice dressy touch.

A pair of comfortable gold sandals with delicate straps.Photo:

The subtle gold shimmer makes it very easy to style with any color dress. The contour footbed gives that extra bit of padding for a comfortable fit, so I can wear them for longer periods of time without worrying about my feet hurting. 

T-strap pumps

If you have a lot of weddings to go to or just love to dance like I do, T-strap pumps should be your go-to summer dress shoe. 

I bought my first pair from Belgium and wore them for many dancing nights. They hold your feet well. I know the pointed heels might make you scratch your head, but trust me, they are great for dancing. One of my favorites is the stunning Sezane Hortense High Heels

A stylish gold high heel shoe with a T-strap and bucklePhoto:

The intricate woven detailing adds a delicate and dressy touch for weddings. It would beautifully complement a satin slip dress or a fancy jumpsuit. The high buckle shows off your leg, so these pair great with a slit dress or a midi piece. 

The Clarks Freva 85 Bar Black Leather is an elegant pump that can be a great business shoe, add a feminine touch to a pantsuit, or be a beautiful addition to a pair of trousers and a tucked-in blouse. 

Black leather high-heeled T-strap Clark shoes. Photo:

Often, statement pieces don’t scream comfort, but I found a piece that will make heads turn and make you feel like a rockstar. The Bared Avocet leather flat is a beautiful addition to your dress shoe collection.

Stylish red flat shoe featuring a chic buckle detail on the side.

The spacious pointed heel provides all the comfort, and the B.platform offers support and comfort while being kinder to our planet. The footbed is designed to give you a cushion feel to stand on. I love the red statement with the gold hardware, but if you're looking for something more neutral, they have different colors to choose from.

More chunky heels 😊

I have a few pairs of chunky heels that offer lots of support for my feet. A pair I have been loving is the Toms Majorca cut-out natural heeled sandal

A comfortable sandal with a woven fabric upper and a wooden heel, combining style and natural materials.

The open-toe heel is a great summer accessory; I especially love pairing it with a flowy summer dress. It is a subtle shoe that offers a stylish look and comfortable wear, and it helps dress up a casual summer dress. The cutouts give a feminine touch and can act like an accessory, which is why I love to show these sandals off. 

Sticking to the chunky heel trend, the Fortress Victoria Naya shoe is a stunning piece and a staple in my dress shoe collection. 

The grain of the wood matches the white textured leather and creates an elegant feel. I am a sucker for gold hardware; and on this shoe it gives it a bit of a timeless feel.

Elegant white shoe featuring a wooden heel and intricate cut outs for a fashionable touch.


I especially love this as a nice dinner shoe. I can dress up a simple denim and blouse, or I can go all out with a flowy midi skirt and a contour bodysuit. 

Statement heels

When I think of statement pieces, I often think of bright colors or a unique pattern. The beautiful Julia Bo Oxford Heel is an easy-to-style statement piece. 

Stylish black leather shoe with a fashionable crocodile pattern, ideal for any occasion.

The blend of high-quality black leather with the crocs patent leather as an accent gives you a sleek and stylish look that will be a great conversation piece and a fashionable addition to an outfit. 

One of my favorite parts of Julia Bo is you can pick the leathers and design a custom pair, so if you’re picky, this place is for you! 

Metallic heels

Chrome nails are all the rage right now, but how about a metallic heel to match? The Regarde Le Ciel has a high-density and instant-forming memory footbed to give your foot long-lasting support. The metallic heel adds to an outfit without being too much. 

Metallic leather sandals with block heel.


These heels would pair so well with a little black dress for going for some drinks.

Snakeskin heels

Did you know snakeskin is incredibly versatile? 

Stylish leather sandals with snake print and block heel.

The snake skin design pairs very well with a white dress or midi skirt, allowing you to show off the shoe. You could also pair the fun design with dress shorts and a contour bodysuit. 

To make these shoes stand out, pair them with an all-black fit and gold jewelry, the black will tie in the shoe, and the gold jewelry will add a fresh look. 

The snakeskin shoe is a fashion-forward piece and can easily be added to every outfit. If you’re looking for your next statement shoe, check out The City Sandal Pithon by Margaux NY

Did you find your perfect dress shoe?

Finding the right pair of dress shoes is different for everyone. We are all unique, and when we attend events, we may assume different roles: the life of the party, the dancing queen, the socializer, etc,. 

I hope this list inspires you for your next event. For more shoe content, styling tips, and updates, subscribe to my newsletter and hang out with the rest of the Womads community on social media

And if you adore comfortable dress shoes, check out Womads; we offer an array of colors to elevate any event this season 💃

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