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🌴 From Beaches to Palaces 🏰: The Perfect Sandals for Your European Travel

by Lisa Oberst 03 Apr 2023

Are you planning a European summer vacation? Are you wondering what shoes to pack for your trip? Look no further than the Womads sandals!

They are the best travel sandals for Europe. Here's why. :) 

1. Breathable Leather for hot summer days

When traveling in southern Europe during the summer, it's important to have sandals that breathe so your feet don’t get sweaty (and possibly smelly). Womads are made of high-quality leather, making them perfect for walking through beautiful gardens such as those in the Alhambra in Granada, or the Versailles Palace grounds. 

2. Secure Fit for Stairs and Hills

You need sandals that will stay on your feet when climbing up five-story walk-ups in Paris or visiting Park Güell in Barcelona. The Womads have an elastic strap and flexible rubber sole that ensures a secure fit. You won't have to worry about losing them on the hills and stairs of Europe.

3. Comfortable for Cathedrals and Museums

When visiting cathedrals like Notre Dame or Chartres in France, you want sandals that are comfortable, yet not too casual. Womads have a slightly padded sole, ensuring your feet are comfortable during the hours you’ll spend at the Louvre museum.

4. Versatile for your exciting itinerary

Traveling through Europe means you need sandals that can take you from beaches, to vineyards, castles, museums, concerts, etc. Womads are sturdy enough to take you through Cascais beaches, Douro Valley wine tastings, Sintra’s Palace, Lisbon outdoor concerts, and so on.  

5. Fashionable for European Nights Out

While exploring Europe, you need sandals that are fashionable and can easily transition from a day of exploration to a night out. 

European women wouldn't walk around in ugly bulky shoes or athletic sneakers. You don't want to stand out like a sore thumb. With the Womads, you'll fit right in, whether you're sipping a glass of Chianti in a Roman Osteria, exploring the shops at the Champs-élysées in Paris, or watching “La Traviata” at the famous Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

Overall, Womads sandals are the perfect companion for your European summer travels. The high-quality leather, comfortable sole, and chic design make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for versatile and stylish footwear.

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