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🇨🇴 Why Womads are made in Colombia

Making our shoes in Colombia not only ensures high-quality craftsmanship but also supports a country that values ethical and sustainable practices. I am proud to work with our partners in Colombia and to offer our customers a shoe that represents both style and substance.

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What to know about the fit of your Womads leather flats

👉 Leather stretches and the shoes will mold to your feet 👉 Wear them around the house at first to get them to relax to your foot shape👉 If they're a little snug, you could use shoe stretchers

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🌴 From Beaches to Palaces 🏰: The Perfect Sandals for Your European Travel

Are you planning a European summer vacation? Are you wondering what shoes to pack for your trip? Look no further than the Womads sandals! They are the best travel sandals for Europe. Here's why. :)  1. Breathable Leather for hot summer days When traveling in southern Europe during the summer, it's important to have sandals that breathe so your feet don’t get...

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