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😎 The go-to summer sandal of 2024: How a pair of Womads will take you through all your summer plans

by Lisa Oberst 18 Jun 2024

The classic Womads sandal is my go-to summer sandal of 2024 (obviously). Developed by women for all women, the Womads sandals take on the best parts of the 2024 trends. 

So, what are the best parts? Well, for me, it’s the minimal look that is versatile, so you don’t need a whole shoe closet (I mean, I’m not against it!), but a few pairs of Womads can take you a long way! 

One of my favorite parts of the Womads sandals is the sustainable material and process. It’s 2024, our shoes do not need to contribute to climate change. In recent years, comfort has become a necessity, and of course Womads have a lightly padded insole and breathability for ultimate comfort while still providing an elegant look. 

Turquoise, Fuchsia, Neon, and Yellow Womads

The open-toe shoe has an elastic structure that holds your foot securely, meaning you can dance, walk, or jump, and these shoes aren’t going anywhere. The simple design of these shoes keeps them versatile, so no matter where the night takes you or wherever you find yourself during the day, Womads will support you. 

The Womads sandal feels luxurious and can be dressed up for any occasion, so you can say goodbye to the burden of heels: We do not live in the Barbie movie, there is no such thing as everyday heels!

Lisa at a wedding wearing her gold womads sandals

Styling Womads is simple: The shoe's versatility makes it easy to dress up or down, and its comfortability makes it a no-brainer for any occasion. Let’s break down a few looks…


Summer dresses are one of the best parts of summer. Whether heading out to lunch, checking out local shops, or browsing a farmer’s market, a dress is the perfect way to be comfortable and feel your best.

Woman walking with her latte in a summer dress wearing her gold womads

You’ll look subtly chic, and people who walk by you will know you have your life together (fake it until you make it!).. You will feel confident, and it will show in your walk and in your talk. 


Festival season is upon us. Whether you are into food festivals, culture festivals, music festivals, or anything else, they often involve a lot of walking and the desire to be comfortable.

The lightly padded natural rubber soles will help you walk for long periods of time. Womads' flexibility makes it the perfect festival shoe for jamming to your favorite artists, sitting in the grass enjoying overpriced fries, or just standing on your feet swaying with your best friends to your favorite artists. These shoes will support you, so all you need to do is make memories. 

Click here to read more about the Womads natural rubber soles. 

The array of colors Womads offers will give you lots of options. For a fun look, match your Womads with your favorite accessories for a cohesive outfit.

Woman in flowy dress at a market wearing her caramel womads

It’s time to embrace all the outdoor summer activities. Whether you have a pup, children, or just a day date at the park you want to be able to enjoy your time outside without wanting to rip your shoes off.

The no-arch shoe fits like you’re barefoot. The padded leather insoles will allow you to keep up with kids and pets or even to cheer on your friend who is running a marathon (if you’re the marathon friend, go you!!). And for the cherry on top, the leather molds to your feet so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable straps digging into your feet.

Woman walking her dog while wearing her silver Womads sandals

Womads pair perfectly with your favorite denim or trousers. The simplicity of the shoe can keep your look casual and comfortable for your outdoor day.

You can pair the open-toe sandals with your favorite summer dress topped with your favorite accessories. Try also pairing your Womads with a flowy midi skirt and a relaxed top. This look is comfortable, feminine, and great for a hot day.

Woman in classy white outfit at brunch with her Dove Womads


Are you heading to an outdoor workout class? Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or sometimes stumble into a yoga class with your fitness enthusiast friend, showing up is often the hardest part. 

But I always find it a bit easier when I have a new workout set to show off, a new mat I want to test out or a new pair of Womads to easily slip on before heading to my class. 

Womads are very flexible; they stay on your feet with all your movements, so maybe you get a headstart and walk to your class! If you’re running late because you hit that snooze button a few too many times ( we’ve all been there), the flexibility of Womads sandal makes it super easy to slip on and hop on your bicycle!

Remember, it's important to fuel up after a workout. The thin and lightweight sandal is perfect for sliding into your workout bag and slipping on for an after-workout brunch.

Woman putting her Womads sandals on after her outdoor yoga class

It can be hard to style bright shoes if you’re not used to them. When choosing what color to go with, complementary colors, such as blue, orange, yellow, and purple, always work. They are complimentary for a reason.

Woman in bright orange and turquoise outfit with matching Womads sandals

You can get creative and find a color within your outfit to match. Choosing a pop of color with Womads is easy. The high-quality color palette stands out in a beautiful and sophisticated way rather than blinding to the eye. 

The color palette allows you to pair color with color, and try contrasting colors to complete your look. And, of course, when in doubt, go neutral!

Woman in street posing with her blue Womads sandals

Whether you’re heading to wine country, an all-inclusive resort, your local beach, or cottage country, bright Womads will help tie your outfit together and put you in vacation mode. 

Woman at beach wearing her yellow peep toe Womads

The simplicity of the shoe elevates but does not draw away from patterned dresses, two-piece sets, or a bright jumpsuit. Not everything needs to be minimal, picking a minimal shoe helps you explore other fashion pieces. 

Woman walking to work in her black womads sandals

On the flip side, the Womads sandal is also the perfect go-to office shoe. The simple design will keep your look professional yet sophisticated. 

For those beautiful summer days when you want to walk to work, but you don’t feel like carrying an extra pair of shoes to switch into, the Womads have got you covered. 

Heading out to a lunch meeting or after work drinks? No problem, you’re ready to go!


Is there anything this shoe can’t do? It can mean flirty, vacation, casual, or business. 

There’s more fashion inspiration where this came from! Sign up to my newsletter below and follow me on socials. And if you’re ready for your new favorite summer shoes, click here to pick a color!


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