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🌞 Go-to summer shoes for women: 2024 trends and how to style them.

by Lisa Oberst 29 May 2024

Welcome to summer 2024, where sensible chic is in and over-the-top is hitting the curb. 

The trends for 2024 ladies’ shoes are the best of both worlds, sensible and chic. This year’s trends surround elegance, femininity, and class—all while being comfortable and suitable for wherever you find yourself this summer. 

Because, let's be real, life doesn’t slow down in the summer; often, it speeds up. 

So, let's keep up. The days are longer, we all have more plans, and the sandals we choose this summer will get us there.

Let’s get to know the trends, but more importantly, let's learn to style them so we all feel confident, stylish, and trendy with minimal effort.

Lose the arch, keep the flat: Recreating the classic ballet

Woman at coffee shop with Womads

The ballet shoe is described as timeless and elegant. The feminine silhouette has been around for a while, but it's getting a slight makeover for the summer of 2024:

Mesh Flats

Mesh flats resemble the structure of ballet shoes, but the all-over mesh gives them a sporty and casual tone. 

Styling Mesh Flats

Photo: Instagram; Backgrid; Dear Frances

These flats are versatile, you can easily style them with a pair of denim and a relaxed-fit tee. Dress this look up with your favorite accessories, and you'll feel comfortable and stylish. 

Because of their unique look, these flats are a great talking point, so I'd pair them with a midi dress that would elegantly showcase them.


My top pick for summer 2024 is the Womads sandal (I could be a little biased, but I have facts to back us up). 

Developed by women for women, the Womads sandals are sustainable while remaining chic and supported. Trust me, you’ll feel the softness of the leather. You’ll immediately know these handmade shoes were carefully crafted and made from love and eco-friendly natural rubber, giving you the soft leather feel.

Womads are easy to style up and down. Their thin, lightweight nature makes them easy to pack for any vacation or weekend getaway (I bet you can even take two or three!). 

I love to pair them with patterned shorts, a bright-colored two-piece outfit, or a summer dress.

Silver Mirror Peep Toe Womads

Need comfortable work shoes? No problem. You can pair these sandals with trousers or a pantsuit for the perfect office look. Or wear your favorite pencil skirt and bodysuit, and your Womads will show off your legs and your outfit to make you feel fierce and confident on date night.

Wearing Womads to Work

In 2024, I am choosing comfort, but with Womads, I don’t need to compromise style. The sandal's simplicity makes it a great versatile piece, while the color palette complements every personality and occasion. 

Ultimate comfort, Ultimate style

Style and comfort are not enemies. 

I am in my comfortable but chic era, and I love it here. 

Your go-to summer sandal should not have you soaking your feet at night. Life is a journey, and we should all be here to enjoy it every step of the way and live life to the fullest. 


The sophisticated loafer is an older style that screams class and elegance.

A penny loafer continues to be a popular choice, and for good reason. The minimalist shoe adds a level of sophistication to even the most basic outfits.

Styling Penny Loafers

Loafers pair best with your favorite pair of denim jeans or denim skirt. A maxi denim skirt, paired with a high-neck top or vest with a penny loafer will make heads turn.

Blazer with Loafers

Photo: @taffymispa

If you want to dress up while also dressing down, try pairing a neutral trench coat or oversized blazer with a simple outfit like a pair of denim jeans and a simple tee. You’ll have an elegant look for various occasions such as coffee dates, office days, walking the town, shopping, you name it. You’ll also be ready for cooler summer nights under the lights of a patio or late-night ice cream runs.

This type of relaxed outfit can be styled at any time of the year by swapping the layers under your coat.

Barefoot Shoes

I’ve been talking a lot about the minimalism trend, but what is more minimal than a barefoot shoe? Barefoot shoes are rising in popularity. They mimic bare feet, so one key feature is their wider toe box. 

If you head to Google, you’ll find the many benefits of these shoes: better balance, improved posture, fewer injuries, better for your joints, and support natural mobility.

Remember, I am not a doctor and can’t tell you if they will fix all your feet, back, or knee pain, so don’t hold me accountable! But I have an eye for style and can give you some style tips! 

Barefoot shoes are minimalist shoes and will pair well with a casual pair of mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. Dress them down with a relaxed tee and casual denim shorts.

The barefoot shoe can even support a bohemian style by dressing them up with a flowy patterned or textured skirt and a fitted tee. The bohemian look is rooted in accessories, the barefoot shoe keeps it simple so you can go all out with your favorite accessories to dress the look up or down. 

Retro Sneakers

Sneakers have always been a staple of a wardrobe, but in recent years, the retro sneaker has been paired with feminine staples presenting the perfect effortless look. Sneakers pair great with your favorite summer dress and skirt—both mini and midi. The contrast between the feminine pieces and the retro tomboy shoe creates a chic and fun summer look. 

Retro Sneakers with dress


You can also accessorize your sneakers by adding a pair of colored socks that peek through or a classic white pair to soften the sneaker's look. 

Wearing overalls with sneakers

Photo: Instagram:Claudia Sulewski

Are you heading to any festivals? The overalls look is a fun festival look that perfectly pairs with retro sneakers. Try this look for an out-of-the-box outfit that is chic and comfortable. 

Lose the laces and buckles, slip on and go. 

Life is busy, and it doesn’t slow down in the summer; rather it gets busier with kids out of school and plans becoming demanding. So whether you're rushing out the door with kids, your office essentials, or wrangling energetic pups as a pet parent, taking one thing off your hands feels like a weight is lifted. Simplifying is essential just like the trends are simplistic and minimal. Let's make that the trend of everyday life. 

Let’s chat about a few styles.


The classic mule is recognized by its backless design and simple slip-on feminine silhouette. Mules can take on a flat shape like a Womads or be lifted with a heel or platform. They are minimal and simple, and can complement various looks from professional and corporate to glamorous and chic.

One of the most popular styles for 2024 is the Satin Mule.

Big designer brands are jumping on the subtle chic and minimalistic look. Simplicity is in, and Prada agrees with their new drop: the Satin Mules.

Prada satin mules

The satin mules follow the biggest summer trends for ladies' summer sandals. They feature the minimalistic look that has been everywhere, from phone cases to home decor to your new summer shoe; minimalism is in.

For a casual look, pair these with your favorite denim and a casual button-up blouse. These shoes can go from lunch with the girls to office chic with straight-leg trousers and a basic tee, keeping the look professional yet simple.

If you love to dress up for the office or have a big meeting, pair these with a pantsuit. It will keep your look classy and professional for the workplace. 



The shoe's softness alludes to a soft feminine side. It pairs very well with a date night outfit for a dinner and show, a day event at the winery, or as a wedding guest.

I wouldn’t suggest picking up a backless shoe for long walks. Because of the backless design, your toes will often take on the burden of keeping the shoes on your feet.


Slides are an obvious choice here; your feet slide in, and your shoes are on your feet. Getting a pair of Crocs Slides or Nike slides offers immediate comfort, but they lack in the chic department.

We know sometimes you are just doing yard work, having a pool party, or just want your basic, cloud-like Croc slides, and I totally get it. Not everything we do needs to be a trend; it’s all about making the most of your day, and if that is your favorite slide, then slide right in!

Channel your inner Justin Bieber and Adam Sandler, you only live once!

Bieber Slides


Square-toe kitten heel sandals.

The square-toe kitten heel sandals are delicate, easy to slip on, and can make a great option for dinner parties, weddings, events, and wine tours. They have a very feminine silhouette that pairs very well with simple and delicate pieces like a satin slip dress. 

Kitten Heels

Photo: @sylviemus_

The dainty lifted sandals pair flawlessly with a mini dress or skirt. They show off the shoe and your leg without taking away from your outfit.

The delicate sandal is a great summer work shoe option. It can add a feminine and sophisticated touch to a pantsuit or a pair of wide-leg trousers. 

Rise of the platform

The soft side of older fashion is coming back. It’s not about disco prints or patterns; however, we love a good pattern, so rock it if you like it! In terms of trends, it’s about feminine silhouettes. 

Let’s figure out how to style them because they are statements on their own.

Wedge heels and bohemian platforms

The bohemian look, which featured lots of knits and became popular over a decade ago, has been making its way back into mainstream fashion, and wedge heels are an extension of that.

Wedge heels are back but with a modern twist. The chunky sandals pair great with a simple midi dress or skirt.

Jlo wearing wedge heels


Taking your look into the night? Toss on a bomber jacket or oversized denim. The larger top will complement the chunkier heel.

The downfall here is the shoes are not as versatile as some of the others. These are a statement in themselves, pairing them with a relaxed outfit is your best bet for a chic look this summer. 

Flatform sandals

The Flatform sandal is simple. If you find a pair with gold hardware, they can draw similarities to the penny loafer: The penny loafer is the proper older child while the flatform is the wild second child.

Both can be great summer shoes but for different occasions. The flatform offers a relaxed casual element, making it great for patio drinks and coffee dates. The shoe is also elevated if that's your cup of tea.

Flatform shoes


A popular style of flatform sandals is the Birkenstocks.



Birkenstocks are known for their cork soles, neutral colors, and comfortable look. The neutral shoe pairs very well with a simple denim jumpsuit and gold jewelry to create a casual and chic look. The rustic vibe these shoes give makes them great to pair with overalls or your favorite denim. Birks can be comfortable for short distances but not for long walks. They have more support and cushion compared to the mule but they will lack mobility and leave your feet feeling sore.

Shoes are a staple part of our wardrobe 

I have moved past the days of taking forever to break shoes in and consistently dealing with sore feet. In 2024, comfort is key, and it does not have to take away from your look. 

The trends we are working with are subtle. It is not all about the shoe; rather, it is about how we feel. The shoes are staying simple so they can be paired with our simplest or most extravagant summer outfits.

It’s nice to know the trends, but it’s more important to test how you feel about your outfit. Try out the trends you like, leave the ones you don’t, and don’t be afraid to add your own touch.
To get more fashion inspiration or to find your next go-to shoe that is not only sustainable for your lifestyle but for the earth, sign up for my newsletter below and follow me on socials. We are keeping things simple this summer, simple but chic: A sensible chic.

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