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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.81 out of 5.00

Stylish and Comfy leather Flats you'll wear all day, every day!

Womads are soft, light, and beautiful leather sandals made in Colombia by women for women

✅ Classy and versatile
✅ Ideal for Travel
✅ Perfect for all day walking

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Price: $95

womads silver sandals slip on close


These stylish peep toe sandals will get you an endless stream of compliments.

womads silver sandals slip on close


Womads are so light, flexible, and soft you won't even know you're wearing leather sandals on your feet.

womads silver sandals slip on close


Womads are the best travel sandals and the perfect everyday shoes from morning to night.

What Women are saying 🫶



Enjoying the holiday afterglow with my new Moonlight Womads. This is pair number three for me…I’m thinking Red for number four. The most comfortable and stylish shoes I’ve ever owned.

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Karla Perez-Cordero

These are my third pair! I have the silver, yellow, and now I’m absolutely loving these red pair! They’re so cute, comfortable, fashionable and timelesss 💃🏽


Debra Hansen

Super soft! Looks great! So many compliments! True to size. Now what will be the next color I get!!!


Karen DeWitz

I wore these on vacation as soon as they arrived, and I am amazed at how perfectly comfortable they’ve been. They really do feel like slippers! Easy off and on in the airport, lightweight, and they hug my feet like a dream. I need another pair! 



These shoes really are great! The tiger orange is eye catching in just the right way and I’ve gotten lots of compliments. They are very comfortable and I love the rubber sole. I can’t say enough good things!

What makes Womads Special


natural rubber soles and local leather


with donation to charities


with top quality leather and rubber


and based in the colorful city of Miami


Why Womads

Womads is a joyful sustainable brand on a mission to empower all women to live their best life: one comfortable and chic step at a time.

Lisa launched Womads in January 2023 from her living room in Miami because she was tired of low quality, painful, and ugly footwear.

"My dream is to support other women who want to live a life full of movement and exploration. We shouldn't have to worry about our feet as we're out in the world.”

~ Lisa, Founder.